My daddy is a Runner

Đã bán: 23
54,600₫ 78,000₫
(Bạn đã tiết kiệm được 23,400₫)
Mã Kim Đồng: 
  • ISBN: 978-604-2-32847-0
  • Tác giả: Bùi Phương Tâm
                  Jeet Zdũng
  • Đối tượng: Mọi lứa tuổi
  • Khuôn Khổ: 22x31 cm
  • Số trang: 48
  • Định dạng: bìa mềm
  • Trọng lượng: 300 gram
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This book is published by Kim Dong Publishing House in both English and Vietnamese with hardback and paperback editions of "My dad is a Runner" & “Ba tớ là Runner”.

“I wrote this poem when my life partner returned from a difficult race, where he had fallen many times and had tried his best to finish.
The poem mirrors my long process of re-searching myself as a Vietnamese woman, and growing confidence in my life pursuit. It has been a struggle to finally understand what is important. To start somewhere, to try, to try everything, and to try again. It doesn’t matter how fast we can run. It matters to keep running. 
This is also a story of a Vietnamese family in the 21st century, where each member aspires to reach higher, within the cultural context of our family, and our community. An effort to balance between the self and the other. A time and space in between reality and dreams. A choice to hold on to and take care of one another.
In hopes and dreams,
Tam Bui”.
Writer: Tam Bui (Bùi Phương Tâm)

Tam began writing for children as a mother, firstly by translating her favorite picture books to read to her daughter. This experience led her to write her own stories that celebrate Vietnamese culture and family values. Her first picture book ‘This is Tết!’ has been translated into many languages and has become a favorite book for Vietnamese children in many countries. Tam has been pursuing further studies in Early Childhood Education with a major in Constructivism at Portland State University.
Illustrator: Jeet ZDũng
Jeet Zdũng is an award-winning Comic creator / illustrator who fuses traditional Vietnamese art with manga, using pencils, watercolors, ink, and other digital means to create works of beauty and innovation. He is the co-author and illustrator of two graphic novels ‘Saving Sorya: Chang and the sun bear’ and ‘Saving H’non: Chang and the Elephant’. ‘My Daddy is a Runner’ marks Jeet Zdũng’s return to illustration after a long, immersive period in researching and creating graphic novels.

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