The Land Of Charm Picture Atlas Of Vietnam - Đất nước gấm hoa

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Việt Nam là một đất nước xinh đẹp với nhiều vùng văn hóa khác nhau. Với mong muốn mang đến những kiến thức về địa lí, lịch sử, văn hóa và con người một cách dễ nhớ và gần gũi, Đất nước gấm hoa giúp bạn đọc nhiều độ tuổi có cái nhìn thật cụ thể và sống động về 63 tỉnh thành trên dải đất hình chữ S của chúng ta.
Where can I find my hometown on the map of Vietnam?
What makes the place where I was born and raised so special?

You know, our country is very beautiful. From the white frothy waterfalls in the Northwest to the alluvial streams of Cuu Long River in the Southwest, from the vast forests home to many rare creatures to the offshore islands where our red flag with yellow star flies on top of the oil rigs, from the ancient lands with layers of history to the modern cities full of life... all of these come together on this beautiful S-shaped stretch of land, as if a spectacular treasure created, preserved and defended by our ancestors over thousands of years has now been passed onto us. Travelling through the country from north to south, from high up in the mountains down to the sea, is also a journey for discovering the distinctive and perse cultures of the 54 ethnicities.
Regardless of where you are on this S-shaped stretch of land, every road you take, every dish you eat, every work of architecture you see, all bear with them the mark of history, the essence of culture drawn from many generations. The 63 provinces all have their own geographical properties, and thus the terrain, the ethnic makeup and the cultural identity also carry their own signature imprints. All of these elements, together, create a unique landscape, differing yet harmonious, that brings about the dazzling beauty of an embroidered piece of tapestry that is called Vietnam.
Our goal here is to bring forth a reader-friendly book that covers the geography, history, cultures, and people, suitable to all ages. We aim to provide school students a specific and vivid picture of each region, each province on the map of Vietnam. In every piece of information, illustration, and color palette, lies the love of the proud descendants of our home country. PICTURE ATLAS OF VIETNAM - THE LAND OF CHARM, the journey to discover 63 provinces, has started from a place of such aspiration.
Despite our efforts, this publication is still the work of a small group, with some specific choices being made, and thus may not objectively reflect the features of each province. We welcome any suggestions from the readers in order to further refine the contents of the book.
Now, the train travelling across this S-shaped land is about to depart. Please get aboard and ready for the most enjoyable trip to discover the wonderful country of Vietnam. Let’s go!
About the authors
Võ Thị Mai Chi: A children’s author and a regular collaborator with the newspaper Nhi Dong, Khan Quang Do, Rua Vang, Ngoi Sao Nho, etc. Published works: Collection of Kỹ năng chăm sóc bé: Khi con giận dỗi (Child care skills: when your child sulking), Anh em (Brothers), Giấc ngủ (Sleep), Phép màu “tự đứng lên” (Miracle of standing up for yourself), Nhà sáng chế tí hon (The tiny inventor), etc.
Hồ Quốc Cường: Freelancer artist with a pasion for comics. He once participated in Cycling across Vietnam in 28 days in 2010 just for fun!!

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