Vietnamese Folklore - The story of a man in the moon - Sự tích chú Cuội cung trăng

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Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Cuội. One day, while going to the forest to pick firewood, he discovered a magic tree that can revive the dead. Thanks to the precious medicinal tree, Cuội saved many lives. But the magic trees started to bring both fortunes and misfortunes to Cuội’s life. 
Let’s find out what happened and how Cuội ended up staying in the Moon!
Vietnamese Folklore Series includes some of the most famous and typical Vietnamese folktales. The stories are retold in English and illustrated by well-known artists, helping readers understand more about Vietnamese cultures, such as traditional rice cakes, the New Year Pole, the legend of Sword Lake... 
Vietnamese Folklore Series:
•    Vietnamese Folklore: The story of a Vietnamese Cinderella - Truyện Tấm Cám
•    Vietnamese Folklore: The story of a man in the moon - Sự tích chú Cuội cung trăng
•    Vietnamese Folklore: The New Year pole - Sự tích cây Nêu ngày Tết
•    Vietnamese Folklore: Square and round rice cakes - Sự tích bánh chưng, bánh dày
•    Vietnamese Folklore: The legend of Mountain and Water Genies - Sơn Tinh, Thủy Tinh
•    Vietnamese Folklore: The legend of Sword Lake - Sự tích Hồ Gươm
•    Vietnamese Folklore: The story of Saint Gióng - Chuyện Ông Gióng

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